about Voito

I´m happy you decided to visit my Page!
My Name is Niklas but I make Music as Voito.
Since my younger Days I´ve been always interested in electronic music.
About two years ago I started to play public DJ Shows as Voito.
With only seventeen years of age I have played many Partys and Shows since then.
The crowd I´ve entertained reaches from small 10 Person Partys up to 800 People Events.
I´ve also played a couple Radioshows like Circleshow (hosted by Oliver Jost) and I did some B2B´s together with other german DJ´s like Jnex or Justin Hahn. 
For this year there are already massive bookings with more than 3000 visitors ahead.

2020 is going to be even bigger and better than my last year.
Once I finish school in the first months of this year, there are Club Shows all around the Area of Frankfurt ahead.
Even though right now most shows are canceled due to corona,  I will hopefully still be touring all over Europe in summer.
In case you are  already interested make sure to follow me on socials.
I´ll keep you up to date. 

Also I´m finally planning to have my first official Releases this Year.

I´d love to share my journey of going for my dreams with YOU.